Born 11 weeks early, Georgie was diagnosed from birth with cerebral palsy that cause her to have a stiff neck, difficulty balancing the lower half of her body, and a noticeable difference in the way that her legs work compared to her non-disabled friends.

Despite these struggles, Georgie has coped amazingly well with her condition. Her family describe her as a fighter and say she is always looking at the positive side of things instead of getting caught up in the negative.

Starlight first supported Georgie following major life changing surgery by granting her family a Starlight Wish.

Georgie has since joined in with our new services. She’s attended numerous virtual parties throughout the pandemic, and in April, Georgie and her entire family joined us for a Starlight Break at Alton Towers.

During the break, they rode exciting rollercoasters, experienced VIP access to the water park, and enjoyed special evening entertainment.

But the best bit for Clare, Georgie and Ella’s mum, was having a chance for everyone to relax, make new friends, and learn from other families in similar situations. She says that meeting other families who understand their struggles helped them all feel less alone and taught them to be more sympathetic to others’ needs as much as their own.

Starlight events have been particularly beneficial for Georgie’s sister Ella, who’s able to meet the siblings of other Starlight children. Starlight knows that it’s so important for the siblings of the children we support to meet others who understand what they’re going through and the unique circumstances of their lives.

Spending a few days with other families in similar situations helps us feel not as isolated. That’s why Alton Towers was so nice for Ella because she could speak to other siblings and realise she’s not the only one that’s got a disabled sister or brother.

Clare, Georgie and Ella's mum

While Georgie and her family live with the reality of her condition everyday, they all do their best to embrace this and find the best way they can to continue having fun no matter what they’re doing.

Georgie loves like events Alton Towers as it takes her mind off everything and she’s able to just have fun and not worry.

Sometimes all you think about is your condition, but fun events like Alton Towers with Starlight help take your mind off of it because you’re happy and having fun with your friends.


The whole family is affected by the reality of serious illness. Starlight hopes through our Starlight Days, Breaks, and Escapes we’re able to provide fun and exciting opportunities for more families like Georgie’s to take a break from their reality, have some fun, and make unforgettable memories together.

Please visit our Events and Experiences page to learn more and apply for our services.