Oscar was born with severe spinal scoliosis (where the spine twists and curves to the side), a fused ribcage and one and a half lungs. Whilst this has affected his development, Oscar has never let his conditions hold him back.

Mum, Hannah, recently shared that Oscar have moved on from hundreds of hospital visits with various doctors and specialists to just one per year: way to go, Oscar!

"Because I have an S-shaped spine, I'm really short. But that doesn't stop me doing anything I put my mind to!"

Starlight have supported Oscar and his family throughout their experience of treatment: they've joined us to play at parties, trips and fun days out including a recent visit to the home of English football where Oscar spent the afternoon running drills on the pitch.
We're just massively grateful for all the support we have received from Starlight, Oscar and his siblings especially. A lot of the time we've had to focus on Oscar and his appointments, but Starlight has always been quite inclusive in their support of the entire family.

Hannah, Oscar's mum

Last summer, Oscar and family represented Starlight at CarFest, a weekend festival that benefits children’s charities like ours. Oscar proudly joined us onstage to let the thousands of people in attendance know: ‘Play is a Human Right!’

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