Meet the Atlantic Flyers: Chris Carrington-Smith

As an RAF Battlefield Helicopter pilot, a regular marathon and Ironman triathlon competitor, and an expert at skiing, sailing, fencing and swimming, Chris Carrington-Smith, one of the Atlantic Flyer’s Flight Lieutenant, is used to working in arduous conditions against unfavourable odds.

Thanks to his military experience, Chris is no stranger to pushing the physical limits of the human body, fighting chronic fatigue or undergoing extreme tests of endurance. These skills will serve him well whilst he’s rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic this December. He’s constantly inspired by the spirit and drive of those he has competed alongside during his endurance challenges and served with throughout his military career.

Chris is not only excited for the physical and mental challenge and growth him and the team will endure throughout the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, but also the opportunity to support Starlight. This adventure will mark the fantastic and life-changing hurdle for the Holdcroft family and Chris is massively honoured to be part of this journey.

The TWAC 2021 is an immense challenge and it demands peak performance in both teamwork and individual physical and mental resilience. We will learn more about ourselves in 30 days than most people could hope to discover in their lifetime.
The Atlantic Flyers embark on their journey on 12 December and will spend several weeks out on the water as they row from the Canary Islands to Antigua & Barbuda. You can follow along on their journey at