Play Team of the Year: North Middlesex University Hospital

We’re so proud to announce this year’s Play Team of the Year is North Middlesex University Hospital’s three-man team of Emma, Megan and Keisha!

Despite being a small team, Emma, Megan and Keisha have a huge impact on the children and young people at North Middlesex. Their colleague and nominator, Colette, shared that Emma, Megan and Keisha are huge advocates for the children and young people both in and out of hospital.

Not only are they ensuring play is provided for all children and young people in hospital, they’ve also set up a children and young patient’s forum and a parent’s forum. Both forums provide opportunities for parents, carers, and the patients themselves to have a voice and work alongside the paediatric team to make the necessary improvements to the patients’ treatment plans.

This is also evident in the way they provide play to the children and young people in hospital.

Without play, the children in hospital would be a lot more anxious and bored. If they're not calm, it's much harder to carry out their treatment and they would be quite distressed. But with play, we're able to provide activity, distractions, and normality to their stay through fun activities.

Emma and Keisha

Because of the pandemic, one of their inpatient children wards was turned into an adult ward, and their Play Room became a storeroom. However, that didn’t stop Emma, Megan and Keisha from bringing play to the children and young people in their ward.

Throughout the pandemic and up to today, Emma, Megan and Keisha got creative and ensured play was available for all. From providing lots of arts and crafts, interactive games, and sensory play as well as fun projects longer term patients can return to, Emma, Megan and Keisha are able to make a child or young person’s hospital experience more positive. Recently, they received a Starlight Play Well Box which is filled with games and activities specifically geared towards adolescents. This new box was a hit with their patients and became the perfect addition to their tool kit.

Like most Play Teams we don't have any funding, and we haven't been able to fundraise because of the pandemic. So, Starlight and the resources you send have made such a huge difference to us.


We’re so proud of Emma, Megan and Keisha and the hard work they’re doing every day at North Middlesex University Hospital.

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