Inspired by one of his favourite streamers, John Docherty wanted to dedicate one of his gaming streams to a worthy cause.

John came across Starlight from a fellow streamer. After learning that 53% of the hospitals, hospices and other health organisations we support have no budget for play resources, John wanted to do his part and help us protect play for seriously ill children across the UK.

John streamed for 24 hours playing the game Escape from Tarkov. He hoped to see how far he could get in the game from beginning to end without stopping the game, and compare his results to the streamers he looks up to.

All in all, John raised £336 for Starlight and had a great time streaming for Starlight, even during the tough stages of the 24 hours.

Children should be children and being able to play, even in hospital, lets them do just that. Anything that can help break the monotony, ease the pain or stop the boredom and loneliness can only be a good thing.

John Docherty

As a Starlight Streamer, John received top-level support from Starlight HQ. From sharing resources and information from the stream to dropping in throughout the 24-hour stream, the Starlight staff supported John throughout his streaming journey.

The money John raised will help us provide play resources to hospitals across the UK and protect play for seriously ill children. John hopes to complete a 24-hour charity stream once a year (once he recovers from this latest one!), and hopes to continue contributing to Starlight in the future.

If you’d be interested in Streaming for Starlight, or would like to learn more, please visit our Stream for Starlight page.