Chloe’s son, Zachary, has been in and out of hospital since he was born. She was at the hospital waiting for another one of his regular appointments when she was struggling to settle him in. She was getting stressed and other people around her were clearly waiting for her to move. Seeing this, a passing member of team Starlight came over and gave him a cuddly toy lion from the Starlight Boost Box and he immediately settled down. Her little boy was only ten months old, but he could cling onto the mane!

The lady from Starlight saved me from a very stressful day and it was so lovely, she is obviously a credit to your cause

Chloe reached out to Starlight to say her son hadn’t stopped holding the lion since he was given it and that her and Zachary were going to set up a collection for Starlight at Zachary’s first birthday party a month later! Chloe set up a fundraising page, a raffle for her community, and made sweet bags to sell at the party with all proceeds to be donated to Starlight.

They ended up raising an incredible £1200 through their efforts. Speaking of her donation, Chloe said, “The whole community has actually helped raise this so I’m very happy.”

Thank you so much to Chloe and Zachary (one of Starlight’s youngest ever fundraisers!) you are helping Starlight reach even more families across the UK to provide comfort and distraction throughout hospital treatment.