Once upon a time…celebrities read stories for Starlight!

April should have seen the start of the ‘Starlight Storytelling Tour’, where a troupe of actors visit over 100 hospitals across the UK to help entertain children who are confined in hospital. Unfortunately, due to the current crisis the tour had to be cancelled, but several of our special Starlight supporters have helped recreate a version virtually. 

At Starlight we understand the importance of using play and distraction to reduce anxiety – something that was extremely important to maintain especially throughout the pandemic. Stories mean comfort; a chance to relax and enjoy some time escaping to another world. 

In their living rooms across the country a host of fabulous celebrities including Russel Brand, Martin & Shirlie Kemp, Strictly Come Dancing’s Janette and Alijaz, Dermot O’Leary and Gaby Roslin read their favourite children’s book in support of Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Thanks to the support from celebrities, sharing their favourite fairy tale stories, Starlight could continue to help spread some fun and entertainment to the families who are isolated at home!