Starlight Distraction Boxes

Starlight Distraction Boxes are portable toolkits filled with a variety of toys, games and puzzles providing healthcare professionals with items to distract a child whilst medical procedures are undertaken.

I have recently received my Starlight Distraction Box and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. The benefit it has had to my patients has been amazing. We can now carry out numerous relatively invasive procedures without the need for sedation or general anaesthetic.
— Rebecca Ward, CT Lead Radiographer, Sheffield Children’s Hospital


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Apply for your Distraction Box now by completing the form below. Please note that Starlight Distraction Boxes are allocated to healthcare professionals and are limited to one box per application.

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In response to feedback from healthcare professionals, we are delighted to announce that we will be providing refill kits from July 2019. Each refill kit will contain the new selection of toys, games and puzzles that are found in our usual Distraction Boxes, just without the box itself.

Please note that supply of refill kits will be limited during the pilot period and you may be asked to apply again if you are unsuccessful in the month you apply. Refill kits will be limited to one per applicant for the duration of the pilot year.

Complete the form below to apply for your Distraction box or Distraction Box Refill Kit.

Distraction Box Application Form

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We need your work details to ensure that you are eligible for a Starlight Distraction Box and to help identify which medical centres we help in the UK.

Please note that Starlight Distraction Boxes are intended for the use of healthcare professionals who require them to help distract patients whilst administering medical procedures. Regrettably, we cannot provide Starlight Distraction Boxes for therapeutic or rehabilitative treatments.

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